Sunday, March 01, 2015

March Got The Magic?

Here's a brand new month and a great window of fresh opportunities. March 2015 is the month in which Nigerians will elect a new President or return the old one to Aso Rock. March means 31 days of amazing opportunities for those who wish to achieve something great.
It's just like yesterday when we screamed 'Happy New Year' from the rooftops and already the year is far-spent. For those who made new year resolutions, I am tempted to ask 'How far?'. It is not enough to speak, you need to act.

The truth is that just a second separates February 28th and March 1st. Today is just another day just as tomorrow will be. It is okay to see it as a whole new month and of course a clean slate to make amends but make sure you talk less of your goals and act more starting from today, life is passing. Do not let anyone make you feel that you are not good enough. Self-belief is key and smart work will see you through God-willing.
Go out and vote if you wish to; if none of the candidates seems good enough to you, sit at home and have cold glasses of cola with your family. For those who will vote, go and cast your votes according to your consciences. Afterwards, go home and stay away from election violence #ElectionNoBeWar.
Do not expect any sort of magic from the month of March because your pastor or Imam said so. There is nothing special about the month except you make it special for yourself through proper planning, smart work, diligence and for some, prayers.
Drop one bad habit and pick up a good one this March.

Hey, I am not advising you; this is just a note to self.

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