Wednesday, March 18, 2015

David Nnaji Makes Directorial Debut In New Movie, Bedlam...Check Out The Trailer

Nollywood star, David Nnaji of 'Dear Mother' fame has made his directorial debut with a new movie titled, Bedlam.
Bedlam was shot in Lagos and boasts of an impressive cast which includes Kachi Nnochiri, Linda Osifo, Rosaline Muerer, Sylvia Oluchy, Greg Ojefua and David Nnaji himself.

From the stables of DUN entertainment company, here's the plot and trailer of Bedlam:
Young Ugochukwu is a family and business man, he allows the business consume him at his young family's expense.
Kimberly is tired of the life she's living and wants more, she feels choked by her husband’s insensitivity.
George misses the love of his life and when the opportunity presents itself he seizes same. But is that all there is to it?
Find out in this maze of a drama called Bedlam.

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