Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thells: Sex Before Marriage [the indecisive first timer]

Oh my God, I really did it? Just like that? It finally happened... tearssmilesindifference are usually the first of many reactions. Then comes the regrets, the reassurance or the lackadaisical attitude. Trust me if you didn't experience any of these emotions, you are not normal.

The typical "responsible" Nigerian child is taught to see sex before marriage as an evil act which predisposes you to eternal damnation.
As a teenager, its the topic of life, you hear about it every where, all you discuss is the opposite sex. I'm rating that about 50% of Nigerians would either promise or swear not to get involved in sex until marriage (love or no love), 30% would not mind having sex with people who shared the same emotional feelings with them while the rest really don't care how it happens.

Eventually, like myself you make a promise of waiting till marriage because of your Christian belief (plus it makes you confident when you speak to the opposite sex). Unfortunately, you meet that person whom you are willing to reset your principles for or even change them entirely. Trust me, it starts with an innocent kiss and before you get an idea of where its leading to, you wake up one morning wondering if it happened
The real problem is that we are obsessed with sex in movies and in music and we think that as long as we do it with the person we love.... it's okay or understandable. SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE IS NOT ADVISABLE. Hey! I am not saying that it's good or bad, but it requires a certain level of emotional and intellectual maturity to handle it. Yes I know we all know the advantages and disadvantages, well it's one thing to know and its another to handle its consequences which include low self confidence, unwanted pregnancy, STDs etc).

If sex before marriage were a necessary aspect of growing up, I'm pretty sure condoms would not only be distributed by parents, but they would also influence our choice of partners. If we lack the ability to talk about sex as a positive, moral, pleasure affirming choice like every other decision we make, what then is the point of getting involved.

Anyway, I am all about giving the car a test drive before you purchase afterall it doesn't allow you to drive it home from the auto-shop without paying for it.

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