Thursday, February 26, 2015

Chambers Umezulike's New Novel, "Malcolm" Now Available

Better World Books, a German based publishing firm has finally published Chambers Umezulike's novel: "Malcolm." Copies of “Malcolm” are already in major bookshops in Abuja, Lagos, Nairobi and Soest. And there will be readings at: Goethe Institut, Nairobi in February and March; Abuja Writers Forum and Abuja Literary Society weekly gatherings in Abuja come July, 2015 . . . by the author himself.
More details about subsequent readings and tours are coming soon!

About “Malcolm”:
Political Thriller – Human Rights Activism novel
Pages: 170 pages (Ms-Word)
Number of Chapters: 10
Word Count: 72,674
Settings: Argentina, Nigeria and Australia
Synopsis: Usman Shata leads a coalition of military heavyweights to float and mold the African Democratic Party into a leviathan political platform upon the return to civil rule in Nigeria. The coalition soon consolidates a vise grip on all functional institutions in the polity and private sector and grows into a domineering 14-country pan-African platform. It also enjoys the doting allegiance of western governments…
An alliance of left-wing activists led by Malcolm Osisiye, in the stead of his assassinated mentor, Ike Obi-Ike, is determined to put the tyrannical hegemons of out of business…
Lurking in the corner are the antics of a sensual Italian beauty…
Power, greed, lust, activism, social change, political creed, ideology – these combine to brew this cocktail on national liberation from internal colonisation.

About Chambers Umezulike
Chambers Umezulike is a Nigerian Secular Humanist, Human Rights Defender, Novelist and Essayist. He is a co-author of “The Metamorphoses Of Nigeria (1914 – 2014),” a 1000 paged Nigerian centenary compendium chronicling stages of economic, social, political . . . developments of the country since 1914 that the Northern and Southern Protectorates of the country were amalgamated by the British.
About Better World Books: Better World Books is the German based publishing affiliate of A Better World Movement, a crusade that seeks to reanimate societal consciousness on the imperatives of human rights activism, humanitarianism and the promotion of justice worldwide. Better World books is committed to promoting stories that elevate the cause of human rights activism and celebrate the work of human rights activists, real and fictional, across the world. We seek to mainstream human rights activism into a vital, distinguishable subgenre of literature in order to make popular the dissemination of trends in human rights violation, abuse, neglect and denial as well as advocacy, protection, awareness and activism. We strive for realistic yet beautiful portrayal of these issues primarily in fiction.

Meiningser Weg 20,
59494 Soest, North Rhine-Westphalia

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