Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bovi Recounts How A Lady Scammed Him On Valentine's Day Of 2014

Popular Nigerian comedian, Bovi Ugboma has taken to Instagram to narrate how a lady had defrauded him on Valentine's day last year. Interesting read! Check it out below:


It's exactly one year today since our relationship started to go south. I had known u barely for one week and indeed we got to meet for the first time physically on Valentine's Day. I parked in the hotel in VI and made my way straight to your room, not sure of what to expect because you actually had no pictures online. 

When you opened the door, I wasn't disappointed. Neither was I excited too. I mean I had just left my wife at a nearby hotel to be with you. This is where I come clean. Your sweet tongue and deposited cheque into my account made me accept your show at the last minute. 
My mind was telling me don't. But my pocket kept telling me take it. I did your event and from that day till today, I haven't set eyes on you. U deleted me from bb, avoided my calls and when I did get u on phone, you tried to lure me to your lonely abode. 
When you ran out of skills, you simply cut off. All your lies of how your church sabotaged you by fixing their program on same Val's day as yours were lies; how u managed style plus, lies. I remember the rude shock on your face when only about 14 people turned up for your 200 people event. 
How u needed a strong drink and lamented about all the wasted food. Instead of u to beg, u come dey speak English for me say u be lawyer. Thief! Anyway, anywhere you see Tosin Martins, thank him. That's who stopped u from getting arrested. As for the money, I dash u. U win. **** meanwhile if u see laugh efcc laugh me when I carry the dud cheque go meet them, u sef go laugh me join. 
Those guys deal on huge amounts. As in better fraud cases. Not coins. They looked at me, tried not to laugh, but they couldn't help it. I remember them asking whether na my girlfriend. I replied "God forbid". I'd rather be a priest. They sha referred me to police.

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