Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We Are Not Gay - Bracket

The pop duo of Smash and Vast popularly known as Bracket have finally come out to deny the persistent rumors of them being gay partners. Here's what they told Punch in a recent interview
‘We did not want to talk about it in public before but I guess we have to, we saw the story and it was a very laughable one. We did not believe it was that serious until one of our uncles called from Enugu. He was even laughing when he asked us. At the end of the day, there are certain things you do not say in public but people should wait till they see us get married. ‘We would not begin to say that we have girlfriends in certain places or who they are but to clear the air, we are not homosexuals. People that know us know that we are not gays,’
Una don hear bah?

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  1. Haba the story is false. @least smash that I knew back then in UNN is no way close to being gay. Nawa oh! People just like to look for trouble.


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