Friday, January 16, 2015

'Nothing Wrong With Making A Living Off Your P*ssy', Maheeda Defends Prostitutes

If you think no defense could be made for prostitution, then you may just be so wrong. Nigerian singer and retired sex worker, Maheeda took to Twitter to defend prostitution.
She wrote of how hypocritical people could be as regards prostitution and questioned the logic behind labeling prostitution evil.
She also made it clear that she got so much admiration for prostitutes as it is just another way of earning a living.
Check out her Tweets below and tell us what you think:

Which of her points do you agree/disagree with?


  1. Sex no doubt is a beautiful thing but not as a prostitute. You ruin your beautiful body as a sex worker and have you thought of the dangers that follows the job. These girls are often abused to a point where I'm sure they re emotionally damaged. Talk more of all the STDs in the world today. For a sec i almost agreed with maheeda but naaa, sex should make you feel whole and not leave you with emptiness. Sex is to be enjoyed so find yourself a partner and yes make love. Don't let yourselves be sexually abused, there aint no fun in sleeping with a thousand men. #myopinion doe

  2. she has a point, although I don't see how peeps enjoy sex with a prostitute.


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