Friday, January 09, 2015

Hian!!! Baba OBJ Said He Can Die For Nigeria

Please don't die for us Sir!!! Die for yourself when you want to. You have been in government for years but as a military head of state and civilian president. Don't die now, just enjoy yourself in Abeokuta.
Here's what he said when the presidential candidate of the National Conscience Party, Dr. Martins Onovo visited him in Abeokuta
“My first pre-occupation is what is best for Nigeria. Nigeria first, party second and any other thing, third. I can sacrifice anything in the interest of Nigeria and I can sacrifice my own life for Nigeria.“I can’t sacrifice my life for any party’s interest but I’ll sacrifice my life in the interest of Nigeria.”
Because people may come up and say Nigeria doesn’t belong to anybody, I believe that is a stupid saying. Nigeria belongs to all of us because anything that doesn’t belong to anybody, anything can happen to it. For me, Nigeria belongs to all of us and we are stakeholders in this country.
“Let me make my own position clear, I am a card carrying member of the PDP, because that is the party on which platform I became the President of this country.
“If what you’re trying to do is in the best interest of Nigeria and Nigerians accept and vote for you, who I am I not to accept you as President of Nigeria, I will. But in this your campaign, try to inform, woo and to convince the electorates but whatever may be the outcome of the election after you have done all that, once the election is free and fair and undisturbed, uninterrupted, then you have to accept the verdict of the people.”

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