Sunday, December 21, 2014

Whitney Onuigbo: Africa Is Not A Country

I honestly don't know what I will do if someone ever ask me "do you speak african" again!!!!! The media and it's stupid propaganda. Some white people are so ignorant .
Hey do you speak african?.....I sarcastically say oh yeah I do but they still don't read that.
Hey do you have elephants?  As if I live in a zoo.... I'm like yeah everyone in my family owns one elephant each.

Hey do you guys wear clothes?...... No we are still in the era of Adam and eve
Why are you guys poor....... My reply "am international!!!!and am not on scholarship, does that sound poor?"
The only good question is why are african girls so sexy? Cos our mama gave it to us.
I know not all white people are like this but majority though; it baffles me to find out that some of them are even in college .
The media and the way they paint Africa as a hunger driven """"country""""! Watched the news some time and CNN couldn't put Nigeria in the right place on the map.
Damn!!!!! Over 2000 languages and 54 countries !!!!


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