Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chelsea's Current Squad Reminds Me Of Red Devils' Class of '99 - Hargreaves

Chelsea's 2014/2015 squad
Chelsea Football Club has lost only one game across all competitions this season and the chances of them winning a trophy or two this season looks more than likely. Their incredible form has won them praise from a former Manchester United midfielder, Owen Hargreaves.

Speaking to the Mirror, he compared the likened Chelsea's current squad to the treble winning United squad of 1999. He also praised the strict approach of Jose Mourinho and current Red Devils' boss, Louis Van Gaal.
"When I look at the Chelsea team it reminds me of how we were back in 1999," Hargreaves told the Mirror.
"Our team was perfect. We had great skill, great athleticism, great physical strength. And we were ruthless, in a good way. Looking at Mourinho's side I see the same qualities – especially the ruthlessness.
"Jose doesn't let players get away with anything but they respect and admire him for that.
"Louis van Gaal is also like that at Manchester United now. Too much accountability and being nice just doesn't cut it. Players will respond to tough bosses.
"Too much freedom and they take advantage", he said
Manchester United's 99 Squad

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  1. Chelsea won't win even a plastic cup this season


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