Sunday, December 21, 2014

Austin's Love Song To Mama

From the day I was born, I have never seen a woman so real
I pray I marry a woman who possesses some of your skills
Since the days I lay in your arm till this moment, I have never seen a woman with greater charm.

You are sent from above, you have never deprived me of love and that's why you are my first love.
Like a dove, you symbolize peace and your are priceless
You gave me life and for you, I swear I can die a thousand times.
You are my royal highness and the only one who understands my silence.
You helped me watch my infant tears and then you helped me fight my fears.
Mama, thoughts of you leave me speechless but I won't keep mum, I LOVE YOU FOREVER MUM

NOTE: This short poem won me a prize earlier this year and was somewhat inspired by Fiziedeen's song, Letter To Mom

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