Saturday, November 08, 2014

Why Is Ify Jones Upset About Iyanya Flaunting His Abs???

International model, Ify Yolanda Jones appears upset that Iyanya keeps flaunting his abs which of course has left several ladies worldwide drooling.
Iyanya shared another photo of his abs on Friday morning (that's it above) and the picture has since gone viral.
The model and entrepreneur doesn't find Iyanya attractive and she had to let the cat out of the bag. Her tweets read:

- If you ain't handsome, you just ain't! All that packs/abs don't mean shit
 - I don't find Iyanya attractive. He's talented n that's dat, all d abs/packs showing isn't necessary, he's going 2 get certain grls anyway
- Lool I'm just saying. Tired of seeing his nakedness on my TL
What's surprising is that Ify on her part has shared raunchy photos in the past. Yes, models pose in lingeries for certain shoots but aside that, she has shared photos showing her side boobs, a good fraction of her bum and all what not. Apparently, she shares similar motives or intentions with Iyanya. Is this not a case of one living in a glass house and still throwing stones?
Whatever it seems, I know they will end up friends and who knows she might have a taste of the oreo someday. I enjoyed watching her in Bez' Say video anyway

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