Monday, November 24, 2014

Celebrating One Of Our Own: Noble Imoh

So for the past few weeks and indeed months, a certain Noble has been making comments on almost every post on this blog. He has been so much of an ardent reader that he tries to reach me to know what the problem is when I am missing in action.
He has been so consistent with this blog that I had to find out who he really is.
I have never known him before now so I can't even say he is doing it for the sake of friendship. He may not know this but it is simply because of guys like him that I wake up, grab my lappy and begin to blog.
Of course, I would have stopped blogging ever since if not because of guys like this who keep me going. It is way easier to comment regularly when a lot of comments are flowing in as it is very interactive than to comment regularly when you are the only one doing so but this young man chose the difficult lane. I had to probe and find out who he was and that way I managed to get his picture. I present to you Noble Imoh.

Thanks so much man. May cold ground never be your bed

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