Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Didier Drogba Leaves Namibia In Private Jet After Charity Work

Chelsea striker, Didier Drogba was recently in Namibia where he did some charity work as part of the Windhoek Lager promotional tour. While leaving Namibia, the African football legend flew in a private jet and shared the photos on social media.
Didier was in Namibia to encourage young aspiring footballers on getting a quality education too and here's what he told the boys:

'If you don't have an education as a footballer, how will you even negotiate your contracts or interact with people as different platforms.'I'm saying so because today I'm here sitting in front of you expressing myself without any difficulties, I'm always part and parcel of negotiating my own contacts and various agreements such this one of Windhoek Lager. I' m also involved with many other organisations and it's all thanks to education.'
Talk about being inspirational on and off the pitch, then you talk of Drogba

Photo Credit: Instagram

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