Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Courtney Dike's Reason For Declining NFF's $7000 Bonus

It is no longer news that Nigerian Under 20 female footballer, Courtney Dike rejected the $7000 bonus she was meant to receive for participating at the Under-20 Female World Cup earlier this year. She has now come out to explain why exactly she rejected the bonus and it has something to do with her losing her annual scholarship at the Oklahoma State University where she currently studies if she had accepted the bonus.
Her statement which was made public via the media officer of the Nigerian Football Federation reads:

“I would like to respond to what I have been reading on the internet about rejecting bonuses.I am delighted to play for Nigeria whenever called upon. I knew before leaving for the U-20 World Cup that I would not accept any bonuses.
Acceptance of prize money is against NCAA regulations (the division 1 collegiate governing body) here in the US, so that is the main reason for rejecting it.Knowing this beforehand, I still chose to represent the country because I believed the experience would be more valuable than the money, and I was right,”

Beautiful and intelligent girl!

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