Thursday, September 11, 2014

Usher's Steamy Photos For Fault Magazine Cover

It's no one's fault that Usher is so sexy!!!
Issue number 19 of the FAULT Magazine features 35-year-old R'n'B sensation, Usher Raymond on the cover.
Inside the issue, the singer who oozes so much sex appeal speaks to Heather Seidler about his album, the movie he just featured in and future projects.
Find excerpts of the interview and more steamy photos with top class models when you continue.

On his role as a judge in the U.S reality television singing competition, 'The Voice'
Part of the reason why I did ‘The Voice’ was so people would get a chance to see a different perception of me….The more I know about life, the more I know about people, the greater the person I am, the more understanding I have about how to make music and how to do things that will grow us as people.

On his new album
It’s still a work in progress. I’m at a place where I really just want to have fun and do what I feel is significant to me.These last three years have been the hardest times of my life. I’ve wanted to break down, I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve wanted to throw in the towel but my spirit wouldn’t allow me… The one thing the album represents is confidence. Not confidence in a cocky way, but being open about what I feel, take it or leave it. If I’m not honest about my feelings then you’ll never know how I really feel.

On Producers he worked with
I reached out to work with people that I haven’t worked with before like Ryan Tedder, Ed Sheeran, and Skrillex. Also people who I have worked with before like Diplo…and Pharrell [Williams].

On going commercial in his last album
I don’t feel that I’ve got to sell out this tour, or sell crazy amounts of albums, or have the number one single. It’s great to have all those things, but that isn’t what I’m doing.

On the recent movie, 'Hands of Stone' where he played the role of 'Sugar Ray Leonard'.
The film revolves around a very compelling story in history. A lot of people want to know what happened with Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard during that infamous fight. Why did he quit? Why did he walk out of the ring? No one knows the truth. We address all of that. It’s going to be a great piece of work, because of everyone involved in telling this really significant part of boxing history.
I spent time with him [Sugar Ray Elonard] in Atlanta, and here in Los Angeles. We boxed together; we chilled. He became a great friend of mine, almost like a brother to me.
Photography: Sinisha Nisevic

Stylist:  Sammy and Judy

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