Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rooney Used To Smash His Phones In Anger - Ferdinand

Queens Park Rangers defender, Rio Ferdinand has in his new book, 2sides revealed that his former Red Devils' teammate and current England skipper, Wayne Rooney had a temper issue and would usually smash his phones when he was infuriated during a call.
It appears to me that Rio may have written so much about others than himself in his autobiography.
Here's what he wrote about Rooney's temper which he noted was calmer now.

‘Wayne Rooney always struck me as a very angry young man, always arguing with people outside the training ground, especially on the phone.
‘He seemed to fly into a rage about the smallest things and went through mobile phones like they were sweets. He’d smash phones up in frustration, throwing them on the concrete.
‘I don’t know what happened but he did calm down.’

Who would have known Rooney had such a temper then?

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