Friday, September 26, 2014

Pastor Makes Congregation Drink Petrol, Calls It 'Juice'

I think it is right about time these Pastors should be thrown into jail for crimes against humanity. You remember the South African pastor who made his church members eat grass like animals sometime ago? He is at it again!
This time around, the founder of Rabboni Centre Ministries, Pastor Daniel Lesogo brought plastic bottles filled with petrol to church during service on the 31st of August, 2014.

He prayed over the bottles of fuel and told his members that he had turned the petrol into pineapple juice and made them to drink it.
After drinking the juice, some church members collapsed while other said it tastes like juice really. The controversial Pastor also warned other pastors not to what he just did especially if they had an inferior anointing, ."..if you cannot turn water into wine, please do not try this”, he said.
The pastor should not only be arrested, his church member should be arrested too for being foolish and attempting suicide.

Check out the video below

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