Monday, September 22, 2014

Meagan Good: Nude Pictures Were For My Hubby

Nude pictures believed to be those of American actress, Meagan Monique Good recently surfaced online. The actress who is fond of exposing her twin-towers has now come out to reveal that those nude pictures are real and she bthe one in them. She claims the pictures were meant for her husband however and how shocked and saddened she is by the events.

She revealed this through a picture statement she shared on Instagram last night.
The message read:
‘I’m definitely in shock and saddened for everyone who is experiencing this.’ ‘But I choose not to give the persons responsible my power or at the end of the day we all know these pictures were for my husband and at the end of the day evidently we all know how I feel about my [breasts] that is all I’ve got folks. oh yeah and for everyone who is reposting the leaked nudes? You should be ashamed of yourself. You have a blessed day now.’

What a pity!

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