Friday, August 15, 2014

Susan Peters' Super Advice To Young Ladies

Nollywood actress, Susan Peters in a recent interview with The Sun newspaper spoke about several topics including growing up and identifying a true Nigeria.
Well, she advised her fellow ladies and this advice is deep. Young ladies out there, check this out and learn a lesson or three.

"First, I will say that we (women) are like flowers that blossom for sometimes, but after a while go down. If you misuse your body when you are growing up, it will definitely tell on you when you are ageing.

I advise young women not to misuse their body for monetary reasons. Secondly, I will advise them to go to school and try to complete their education. They should be well focused on a particular vocation and develop on it.

Although in our country today, you do not get jobs based on merit, but if you keep trying, you will definitely find a place. It is quite true to say that the frustration is very high at some point because of the way and manner people live their lives in the country, which sometimes affect young women negatively.

Due to what happens, sometimes they try to go out of the ways of their parental upbringing.

Some of them would say, ‘my friend has a human hair, I must have a human hair too.’ But neither have a job that can fetch you the money to buy the human hair nor do you even know how she got her human hair.

But in a bid to seem to belong, some people tend to go out of their way to do things that they are not supposed to do, which is very wrong. I will strongly advice that they wait until their time, when they will be able to afford all these things."

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