Monday, August 18, 2014

Riot At NYSC Camp In Iseyin, Oyo State?

So, I got this message by 12:25am this morning from a youth corper currently in the NYSC camp in Oyo state. She said Corp members were being bullied in one of the female hostels. She also said two ladies had fainted at the time as a result of the bullying.
Here's the exact message the corper sent in:

Pls there's a riot going in Iseyin camp, Oyo State. We are being bullied in pst alao hostel. 2 ladies fainted. Pls help spread the news. The military men are violent here. Thanks

We can't verify the authenticity of the message but we can at least beg that relevant authorities look into this.


  1. Dey nor gree open for d millitary men?

  2. I am currently in the camp in Oyo and I can confirm that this is the true situation on ground. You need to see the way they treat us like animals. Is it a crime to be a graduate?


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