Tuesday, August 19, 2014

QOTD: How Do Ladies React To Guys' Erections?

Today's Question Of The Day is from Nigeria's leading Q&A website, JJC.com.ng . The question goes thus:

"This may sound a bit silly or immature, but I'm being serious. At many times during the day I will get an erection
in my jeans and have to go through a lot of trouble to conceal it so that nobody will see it. I never wear sport shorts in public for this very reason. 
But recently I saw women talking about how hot it is when they see a guy with an erection in his pants. I've always just figured that if a girl saw it, they'd think it was creepy. 
What do you girls think? Cause I'm confused."

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Photo Credit: maishablogger.com


  1. Oboy na fuck up O! D first impression is always gonna b dat U're tinkin somtin sexual on ur mind,tho that's half way never d case.

  2. Girls secretly enjoy it. Once I caught a girl staring lustily at my erection.


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