Saturday, August 23, 2014

Kim Teaches Adorable North West How To Walk [LOOK]

This could have been you as a kid but your parents were/are no celebrities. :)
13-months-old celebrity, North West is learning to walk and she took her first steps in public with the assistance of her mum, Kim Kardashian-West as they walked along the pavement in La Jolla, California where the Kardashians were having their August Meeting family outing. Of course, this is news! Being the child of Kanye and Kim is news itself.
You will also see Grand-mum, Kris Jenner pushing a pram containing her Kourtney's daughter, Penelope. The heavily pregnant Kourtney was also in town with her son, Mason
Check out more photos of the lovely North West as she learns to walk while I check out other things.

 You may now join me in checking out other 'things' #coversface


  1. Hmm le babe 'north' z already wearin dirty jean mi likey, d khardashians kilz mi wiv dia dress styl' nyx pictures. @ austin lol dz culd b u2 buh ur parents aint no celebs :p


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