Thursday, August 28, 2014

KBR: The Man Who Will Solve Our Power Problems

Why can't we convert waste to energy in Nigeria? When would the screams of 'Up NEPA' come to an end? 
It is visibly clear even to a blind man that the Electricity distribution companies in Nigeria cannot come up with a lasting solution to the country's problem of erratic, poor and even non-existent electricity supply in various parts of the country. 

For our dear country to achieve its full economic potential, the power and energy problem must be sorted and one man is looking in a very positive direction which others have ignored for ages.

Lagosian, Business man and Energy Entrepreneur; Kitoye Branco-Rhodes (KBR) has vowed that he is willing and ready to turn things around. KBR's interests and invovelment in the power sector spans the broad spectrum of the Renewable Energy portfolio which includes Solar, Hydro-power, Biomas, Gas and Waste to Energy (WTE).

As the Chairman of Ziklag Energy Solutions Limited, KBR is blazing the trail in the CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) with the Lekki Free Zone 2MW Solar Thermal power project being the first in West Africa sub-region.

Most importantly, Branco-Rhodes is a dedicated Nigerian committed to solving the energy problems in the country not only for the elite but the masses.

The question on the lips of everyone is: 'Why has it taken this long for KBR to step out with this brilliant idea and how we can support such a noble cause?'


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