Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Isn't Kim The World's Most Fashionable Lady?

This morning, she stepped out in Soho New York City wearing this skin-tight nude top and olive green skirt which definitely made heads. She was headed for The TODAY Show with Matt Lauer.

At the show, she said Kanye West had softened up ever since he became a dad:
'He's always been really protective and treated me like part of a team from day one. But I've seen a change in him as a dad and as a person since hes become a dad, [he's] really softened up.'
She also stated that she would love to have more kids for the rapper despite experiencing a tough pregnancy
when she gave birth to North West

After the show, she stepped out with her daughter, North West in matching outfits

Yesterday, she stepped out in two different outfits. Oh!!! Kim ... Chai!


  1. Yesterday, she stepped out in two different outfits yesterday. Oh!!! Kim ... Chai!

    She got your fingers confused too Austin?


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