Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Offered Cech No Explanation - Mourinho

Despite having Thibaut Courtois displace Petr Cech as first choice goalkeeper after the latter's decade of humble service to the London club, Jose Mourinho has revealed he has given the Czech international no explanation for his decision. According to the Portuguese manager, he never explains such situations to his player.

'I haven't spoken with Petr, because if I speak with him, tomorrow I have to speak to another one, another one, another one. I've never done this in my career.'I don't believe he's totally happy, but that's him
'I don't have to speak to players about decisions. I don't like to be always justifying my decisions to the players. 'They all know where my office is. If they need an explanation, I never close the door. I'll give one.
'I didn't do it with Frank Lampard, with Didier Drogba before the last game... I don't speak with players about that.'

If Cech decides to leave Chelsea, Mourinho says the Chelsea management will have to respect the goalkeeper and discuss his future. This is a situation the Portuguese hopes will never arise.

'I hope he doesn't want to leave, and until this moment we don't have any sign that can happen,' said the Portuguese.
'If that situation comes, he deserves us sitting with him and listening to him. He deserves everything from this club.
'But I hope that day doesn't come. I repeat, for the good of my team and Chelsea, that doesn't happen.'

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