Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ebola Virus: Avoid Burials - President Jonathan Warns

An irritated President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday referred to the late American-Liberian, Patrick Sawyer as a 'mad man' for bringing Ebola to Nigeria. Sawyer arrived Nigeria on the 20th of July and died five days later of the Ebola virus.
It's been revealed that Sawyer was under surveillance for the virus in Liberia but managed to escape into
Nigeria. Reports show that the Liberian planned to get into Calabar for a two days ECOWAS retreat and from there, proceed to Atlanta USA for his daughter's birthday.
While speaking yesterday, an angry Nigerian President assured Nigerians that his government will do their best possible to contain the virus. He also spoke of the Liberian who is now known for bringing the virus to Nigeria and the dangers of attending burials.

“It is unfortunate that one mad man brought Ebola to us, but we have to contain it. As a government, we promise that we will do everything humanly possible to contain the Ebola virus.”

“On Wednesday, I will meet with governors of the states, and they must come with their commissioners for health. We must make sure that every state is prepared. Where they lack, the Federal Government will support them.”

“My conversation with the WHO D-G, Dr Margaret Chan was revealing. She said 60 per cent of the transmission was spread during burials. That is why in my announcement; I’ve been saying that people should be careful about burials.

“Some people like burial ceremonies. This is not the time for burial ceremony, somebody is dead, he is dead, leave him there. This is not the best time for those ceremonies.

“If he is dead, he is already dead, Sawyer that brought this Ebola to Nigeria; his sister died of Ebola, and he started acting somehow, his country asked him not to leave the country, let them observe him, but the crazy man decided to leave and found his way here.”

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