Monday, August 18, 2014

BiniEnu Designs Set To Revolutionalize Female Fashion

Swithin-Nwuba, Kaetochi has been in the fashion designing business for eight (8) years now and is the brain behind the fashion label called Binienu. Binienu means " Stand up".
Her aesthetic is mildly gothic, glamorous and post-modern.
She has developed a market for confident young ladies open to very new ideas. The Binienu woman is a
Her debut collection is called #ColourBlind. The clothes were sewn with black, white and grey pieces therefore splitting the personality of the wearer.
The collection was worn with masks, hiding the identity of the person behind.
With Binienu, the wearer is the muse. She is bold, yet comfortable in her own skin.

Phone:        07030296544
Email: |
Instagram:  @binienu_by_kaeto_nwuba
Twitter:     @binienu_bykaeto | @kaeto_nwuba


  1. These designs are seriously making sense. I just hope she's affordable.

  2. She is not affordable but her designs are

  3. She is a natural...... Great works


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